IAMSORRY4U's Mod Application.

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IAMSORRY4U's Mod Application.

Post by IAMSORRY4U on Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:43 pm

In-game Name: IAMSORRY4U
Do you have a rank ingame, if yes. What is it?:
A little about yourself: Im a kind friendly guy. I love to play Video games, and ive been playing Runescape for a long time now i would say about maybe 5 years or so.
History as staff from other servers: Was just a helper for a small server that ended up going down.
Why do you want to be game moderator: I want to be mod because i enjoy the server and i want to help out on the server when it goes live.
What will you do with your forum game rank: I will not abuse it and would help out anyone if they need help with something.
Will you be active as much as possible to keep the game moderated: Yes i will try to be active every single day.
How long have you played: 2 Hours

If you need my skype its bolldog1000


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