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My Admin Application

Post by Husky on Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:04 pm

Admin Applacation (In Game and Forums)

Name: Conner
In-game Name: Husky/Husky Xiii
Do you have a rank in-game, if yes. What is it? Moderator
A little about yourself: Love to be as helpful as I can, I play video games quite a bit, but prioritise school over video games. If you see me say hi cause i'm friendly and wont bite. When it comes to runescape, i've been playing for roughly 8 years now, (since 2008) and I do PvM/Skilling.
History as staff from other servers: Been admin on 2 servers, both of which have ended, and mod on 1, which has also ended
Why do you want to be administrator: I love being as helpful as I can, and it will allow me to be that much more helpful in the community and with other players
What will you do with your administrator rank: Use it as i'm supposed to! What kind of question is this, i'm not going to abuse my power, and i'm going to be as helpful as I can while still not afraid to do my job when I need to, muting, jailing, or kicking someone as necessary.
Will you be active as much as possible to keep the forum and game administered: Of course, I am already as helpful as I am able to be, and only plan to help out more in the community
How long have you played: Been on the server for about 2 weeks now, in game I have a combined playtime of roughly 35 hours on both my accounts.

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