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Money Making Guides

Post by IAMSORRY4U on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:36 pm

Money Making Methods

Method #1 (Guide for newer players):
========================================Method #1=======================================

***Note This guide is not only for the new players but this would be probably mostly used by lower ranked/ new players to the server.***

Welcome new players and or players that have played on this server before. We all know that the starting 50K GP isn't enough. Today i'm going to show you how you can make money relatively fast. This is just going to be one of the many guides ill post on here and if i find another way to make money fast ill make sure to add on to this guide. If you just joined you can do this right away!!

Things you will need:
1. Empty Inventory
2. Any type of pickaxe (I would recommend using about 8k of the starting 50k to buy a rune pickaxe and add it to your tool belt just so when you can use another pick you wont have to go buy another pick)
3. Spare time!

Okay so know that you have all the things that you need head over to this location in Prifddinas (The main home location to get there just type ::home in chat.

After heading there mine the rock in the picture below, 1 soft clay is around 350 GP. You could make up to 600k in around an hour or two. There is also a bank near by so you wont have to run all the way back to home.

Keep in mind there is other places to mine in here i'm just showing this spot because you can mine soft clay at mining level 1. If you find any other good ways to make money notify me and i will put it in this guide and give you credit.

***More will be added later on when i have a chance to explore different ways to make money but hope you enjoy and know of any other methods contact me!!!***

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